Sunday, June 29, 2008

Colourful Results!

Our school proudly presents its materialized prize from the football tournament! With the prize money (25,000 Tk) our school now has natural sunlight shining into our once dark classroom, saving electricity costs is as easy as that, with windows! But there’s more…our school’s wall has transformed into a welcoming entrance, through colourful paintings, which also makes it fun to look at. And because we just can’t get enough of that fun, we’ve planned on painting the classroom walls as well. So we’d like to thank the other teams for playing with us, making all this possible, and hope we can meet up and play again.

Our new calssroom! New windows and walls that can't wait to be painted.

First half of our entrance wall.

Secound half, with our school's name and logo, of course!

Also our school yard appears with new life.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Victory in Charity Soccer Tournament

Great news. Our soccer team of Amader Pathshala has won the Charity Soccer Tournament in a very impressive manner and defeated all 5 teams we faced. In the final we beat the expat team (Bagha B) of the Bagha Club in a very tight game after 20 minutes 3:2.

Thanks to our great performance and more to our great supporters from the school we could win the first prize of 25.000 BDT which will be used for the further improvement of our school.

The Tournament Results

Our Team

Our Amazing Supporters from the School celebrating a goal

High concentration before the Semi-Final against Afro-Asia

Celebrating the victory in the Semi-Final against Afro-Asia

The Teams of the Final: Bagha B & Amader Pathshala

The Equalizer for Amader Pathshala

Our Opponents during the tournament were watching
the final and were supporting the expatriat team in a very
"emotional way"

But in the end we were cheering about the 3:2 victory

The Award Ceremony

With these supporters you must win!!