Thursday, October 30, 2008


This week Amader Pathshala got additional donations from different people who attended the weeding reception of our friends. From the donations Amader Pathshala has bought a desktop PC and a photocopy machine which includes a printer and scanner in-build. This will help the school to work more smoothly. Furthermore it will help the students in learning how to use a computer since we have now 2 computer in the school.
The the new school uniforms arrived already and the kids love the colorful new dresses. It also has created social acceptance and interest among people about the school. The school would like to invite all friends and interested people to visit the place with all the new developments and we would be happy to get more support for the school to achieve our goal.

Our new Harmonium for the music class

A new member of the school, Mr. Skeleton, who explains us the human anatomy ;-)

He is alrwady fully integrated ;-)

The next chess champion will come from Bangladesh!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As two of our friends got married lately and gave their wedding reception here in Dhaka, the students, teachers and other supporters of our school were pleased to decorate their party location in a very creative and unique way so that the party could become a full success.

The Donation/Gift Box for Amader Pathshala

The Table Decoration