Friday, August 22, 2008


Two of our school's friends just arranged a bigger donation from abroad, which will enable us to considerably improve the overall equipment of Amader Pathshala.
  • Within the next weeks we will install an Instant Power Supply (IPS) to still have electricity in the classrooms during the daily power cuts. This will have a lasting effect on the learning conditions of the students since the fans in the classrooms will still run during power cuts
  • For the music classes as well as for cultural activities we can now afford to buy some urgently needed music instruments
  • To make the lessons more interesting we furthermore will provide a mobile laboratory for the students stored in a box
  • The donation will also allow us, together with a small financial contribution from the student's parents, to organize school uniforms for all children in our school
  • The longtime neglected school library will get now a stable book shelf, filled with new books for the students
Even further and regular donations for our daily costs are still needed, this kind of one-time donations are also very much needed and welcome to fulfill our promise, which is to provide quality education in a learning friendly environment to the underprivileged children of our school.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Theatre show in Amader Pathshala

The newly formed theatre group Panchali had a show at amader pathshala on 2nd August. This play is by famous Bengali writer Sukumar Roy where entrance of a crow in king's place creates a lot of difficulties. The students enjoyed the show very much. After the show there was a cricket tournament between school team, theatre team, and spectators team. The theatre team and school team reached the final. In the final school team defeated the visiting team with a huge margin and became champion. Pictures will be added soon to this post!