Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pathshala started a new session and many other new things happening

Amader Pathshala has started its new session by annual festival, to say good bye to the old and welcome the new. The results has been published, students are awarded with art materials and books for their performances and 90% of the students has been promoted to the new class. The classes of the new session has already been started and new textbooks has reached to the hands of students except few books as they are unavailable in the market due to government decision not to sell them.
There is a good news regarding student's malnourishment problem. Pathshala has started its school feeding program for all students to solve the problem at least in part.
The computer classes are in its full swing as all the classes has one desktop now and a teacher is appointed.
Students have participated in an art workshop with German volunteer Kathrina to make an elephant, a tiger and a liox( lion+fox). They have made and coloured it nicely.