Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Results revealed;a mixed experience

The results of Primary Terminal Examination has been published. Amader Pathshala students for the first time of school's short history participated in that exams. So, it was a memorable experience to share. Fifteen students participated in the exams. Among them 9 got first division, 4 second division and 2 failed to pass. The whole school was crying when they got the results for two of their friends failed to pass. One of them has been engaged in a very laborious job where she has to work 10-12 hours a day, she has the language problem as well because she is from a Urdu speaking family and another poor girl came to understand that she can't see the things on blackboard just couple of months ago. So we are very sorry for them those who could not pass. But we can not be very dissatisfied with the result if we take their situation into account and think how little opportunity they get at their home.